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A 3-Dimensional World In A Fifth Dimensional Reality.

The word ‘meticulator’ isn’t even in the dictionary, however, on meticulator.com, new meaning, is given to a new word. Below are links to meticulator.com’s five main pages, and words that I had made up for the sections they represent. And if that wasn’t meticulous enough, each page, is color coated, and was given a chess piece. Meticulator, itself, is of course, the king. 

Below are the links to those pages and the meaning behind there names, and journey through the cosmos in the fifth dimenson, courteously guided by meticulator.com.


The word informulator is derived off of the word information. This page contains up to date information on and of everyday happenings around the globe and in your neck of the the woods. 


 ĭ n fōrm ū  lăt ōr

Theatricalator, is a play off the word theatre. (Get it? Play.) It is the epicenter of the video’s. 

Thē ā trĭ  cā  lăt ōr  

Gamulator, provides hours of gaming, entertainment, and neurological stimulation of the cerebral cortex, strengthening pathways in the brain. Plus it’s awesome if your bored.

Gām  ū lăt ōr

If a picture says a thousand words, then on visualtor, there’s enough to write a best seller.

vĭs ū  āl  ăt ōr

Biolator, is a short biographical explanation about myself, my home planet, and the galaxy where I currently reside. 

b ī   ō lăt ōr

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