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Newspaper Facts

These are some interesting factoids on the subject of newspapers-

  • The very first instance of a newspaper was commissioned by Julius Caesar in 59BC, and it was a daily list of announcements that was carved into metal or stone and displayed publically.
  • Across the globe, more than 24 billion newspapers are published every year. That’s a lot of ink!
  • Newspapers make almost their entire income from advertisements. They write interesting articles so people will read them and look at the ads nearby. Advertisers pay for this access.
  • If everyone recycled their newspapers, we would save 250 million trees each year.
  • For Sunday newspapers (which are the biggest issues of the week), 500,000 trees have to be cut down each year.
  • Before we had modern newspapers, “written notices” were published in Venice circa 1556. They cost a “gazette” (a Venetian coin), which is why many newspapers have Gazette in their titles.
  • The first crossword puzzle was published in a British newspaper called the Sunday Express in 1924.
  • There are less than 1,000 newspapers left in the United States (the most we ever had was 7,689). Many smaller communities now contribute to a “local” section of a larger paper.
  • Even though newspaper subscriptions are declining, they still reach billions of people every day. Smart publications are taking advantage of the Internet.
  • 99.4% of all retailers advertise their business in the newspaper.
  • Most readers only skim. They read headlines until they find an article that interests them. Very few people read a newspaper entirely.
  • Newspapers aren’t always region-based. Many newspapers are designed to support causes, like charities, business industries, or hobbies. Often these are called newsletters, but they’re essentially the same thing (and usually displayed in similar formats).
  • Studies show that newspapers are the most effective place to advertise store sales and promotions.


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