This is  no ordinary radio, but a radio that emits soothing sounds of the future. And, thanks to Radio Sidewinder broadcast directly from the year 3305 here on, and features the music and commercials, listened to by our future counter parts as we drift of into space and time, and travel into the fifth dimension, where you can chat with other space crew who dwells within these walls of space. 


Facts about the radio

Below this inscription, lies facts about the radio and the history of it, some of which are sure, to blast you at the speed of sound, it to the fifth dimension. 


  • Early developments in radio were called ‘wireless telegraphy’, which is why the radio used to be called the wireless.
  • The word ‘broadcasting’, referring to radio transmissions, was originally an agricultural term for the wide scattering of seeds.
  • The existence of radio waves and the feasibility of radio transmission was predicted by James Clark Maxwell in the 1860s.
  • Marconi made the first successful transatlantic transmissions of radio waves in 1901 and 1902.
  • In 1903, Marconi enabled US President Roosevelt to send a radio message to Edward VII.
  • Before Marconi, others including Nikola Tesla, Oliver Lodge and Heinrich Hertz had good claims to have invented radio transmission.
  • In 1922, the UK government introduced a radio licence costing 10 shillings
  • Officially, from 1922-1971 you could not listen to the radio in the UK without having a licence.
  • Marconi won a Nobel Prize for “contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy” in 1909.
  • Marconi was the great-grandson of John Jameson, founder of Jameson Irish Whiskey.
  • KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was the world's first commercial radio station.
  • AM stands for Amplitude Modulation and FM stands for Frequency Modulation.
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Chat with the local space crew that is aboard the radio deck, below. Please be kind with one another as you chat, for the community doesn’t want any drama.


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