Consequently this page was inherently named for the video’s in which are displayed within these confines. Furthermore, they are categorized below in their own class moreover, ensuring to open up the realm of possibilities within the mind and release the soul into the depths of the fifth dimension.


Meticulator Productions Logo

Below, is the current intro, that I use on all my video’s, however I have also experimented with other styles and different names, as you may discover by watching some of my work.

Earth From Space

This is a unique view,  from aboard the international space station, of the earth from the perspective of the our wonderfully weightless astronautical pilot’s. 


Meticulator Archive's

In addition, to all this excitement, explore the assortment of video’s That I’ve made throughout time-

Video 360

Finally, reach the vast wonders of the cosmos in a world of virtual reality on this page-

The Future

Experience what life may be like in the future-