This page was conceived to be the art gallery, where one can enjoy the splendid beauty of the still picture, and be taken away by it’s majestic properties in an awestruck moment. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for beauty can mean different things to different people.

Below are categories containing a variety of subjects with pictures that go with the theme that the subject was named for-


Lincolns Night Out

A short picture story of Abe Lincoln, and what happens when this poor soul, becomes bored.

Lady Liberty

In this section, I present a philosophical, yet somehow inquisitive type of question.

The Invasion Of Reno

Celebrity sightings In Reno, NV.


Newspaper Headlines, from another dimension.

Cars Everywhere

Not just cars, but trucks too.

Sports In Space

A few names of ‘space’ sports.


A few tattoo Idea’s modeled off of real tattoos, but with real objects (as opposed to being drawn).

Award Ceremonies

This is a few idea’s for new and exciting award ceremonies.

Coming Attractions

Here are a few movie idea’s for Hollywood. You’re welcome Hollywood, these are freebies.

Style And Class

A few spirited observations of the sophisticated world of art.